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CARCARE Promotions proudly presents the two-year maintenance plan from MyCarCarePlan.com. Participating automotive dealerships are now able to offer preventative two-year maintenance plans!

The two-year maintenance plan includes over $800 in maintenance services and credits. The exact details of coverage may vary by region. The main services include Oil Changes, Alignments, Air Conditioning Service, Radiator Service and more.

These benefits were once only available to buyers who purchased new vehicles from franchise dealerships. Gain confidence knowing that the two-year maintenance plan is included with your pre-owned vehicle purchase…that’s any make and model with no year or mileage restrictions ever!

Enjoy the benefits of a quality, pre-owned vehicle that includes maintenance benefits similar to that of a new vehicle!

Our trusted network of ASE Certified Service Centers have been carefully screened to ensure they meet our five-star standards for quality and service, and also that their certified service will maintain any manufacturer warranty or extended warranty.

The two-year maintenance plan is only available through authorized participating dealerships. When you’re in the market for a pre-owned vehicle, ask your dealership if they offer the two-year maintenance plan from MyCarCarePlan.com. To find a participating dealership in your area, please contact us at (844) 692-2700.


MyCarCarePlan.com has created a unique marketing tool that was once only available to franchise dealers. Join the likes of TOYOTA, BMW, NISSAN, FORD, and others by offering a two-year maintenance plan to close more deals.

The “Power of the Plan” is our arsenal of promotional materials that set your dealership apart from the online competition and generate more foot traffic by creating energy and excitement at your dealership.

Our trainers provide comprehensive training to your sales team on how to leverage the plan to close more deals while protecting your interests.

WE ARE NOT a back-end or front-end add. We don’t take up ANY valuable LTV space on your contracts, and you DO NOT need to have an onsite service department.

The two-year maintenance plan from CARCARE Promotions is NOT A WARRANTY! There are NO MAKE or MILEAGE restrictions; it works on every vehicle!

Call us today and start including the two-year maintenance plan with every vehicle you sell!

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